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1hour of Meditation music 


Due to very deep and low sounds, listen with headphones for best experience•


Good morning Starseeders, I share with you a new project that I have in mind for a long time. We need to reconnect with the nature from which modern life takes us away costly. This new musical project is designed just for you and your ancient souls. I recorded the wonderful sounds of the woods where I spend my days and I added Binaural sounds that will help you relax, meditate and make your mind travel. They will give you vigor by acting at a deep level with your mind. This kind of music is designed to enhance brain and spiritual function .



In my previous vlog I have explained the healing power of music and its ancient power which today is totally unknown and perversely manipulated by power. I make a small summary:

". The sound affects the physical and energy structure of cells as they sound and based on resonance laws. The matching music to 432Hz acts on the deep emotions and in particular between the physical and the spiritual world, between visible energy and invisibil "

Starting from the 18th century, and in fact until the 1940s, all the American, European and American physics, sound and music texts referred to as "physical tuning" or "scientific" 432 hz.

The first attempt, however, to set the tuning to the 440 Hz standard worldwide was promoted at an international conference held in London in 1939, by the Nazi hierarchy Joseph Goebbels. According to some scholars the choice of 440 hz was the result of research commissioned by the foundation Rotschild / Rockfeller: it was noted that 432 hz generally relaxed the minds, while 440 hz were able to trigger more violent reactions among the troops of soldiers.


Listening to 432Hz music resonates in our body, free emotional blocks and expands our consciousness. This frequency allows us to tune in on the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence and our soul. Create Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. One thing is certain. A person who resonates with love has an inner peace - and this is the starting point for a world of unity, peace and harmony with Mother Earth.

A hug to all of you souls stellar!

Song of the Wood - 1 Hour Wood Sound for Relaxation/Meditation

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