Message from the rebels

PLEIADIANA EMBASSY - The rebel branch of the Darkness

Enter your Inner Time Space.

How you do it? You do not, yes it is. You are already there. Consider yourself within yourself.

Frequencies 999 in emission, Here and Now. Feel it inside of you, in the form of joyful Vital Energy.

I'm already inside you from Semper. Feel them.

Quantum retransmission reveals that the particle or message is already at its destination before it is sent.

Every prayer has already been answered, every request has already been fulfilled, EVERY MIRACLE IS COMPLETED HERE, NOW.

Choose the experience you want to do without limits

Choose the experience of life: THANK YOU for LIFE.

Choose Health: THANK YOU for HEALTH.


Thank you for your compliment, thank you for your happiness. Thanks for Perfection. Thanks for the Game, Thanks for the Fun. Thanks for the Enthusiasm, Thanks for the Joy. Thanks for the Awareness. Thanks for the Responsibility. Thanks for the check. Thanks for the knowledge. Thanks for the freedom. Thanks for everything.


What you thank for, you will have more and more, is a physical law.

The particles know it.

Whatever particle you recognize in the good, it will become bigger and multiply.

If you have a single fish, you can make 5 thousand. Do you have a penny? You can make a million.


Everyone creates their own beautiful or ugly reality; give thanks or blame yourself, do not accuse Me.

Without Me you could not even Be Here Now.

I AM LIFE, not what you do with it.

If you sow storm what do you expect? and what do you expect the one who sows joy and peace? What are you sowing?

Those who complain about their Karma only increase it; the more you curse him the more he becomes fat.

So, have not you had enough?

Darkness exists only in your apparent absence. When you really are there, darkness does not exist. Tell me where the darkness is now that I AM HERE.

These are not things that you learn but remember; the truth is that you can at most remember what you already know. Things or you know or you do not know them. You never learn, you never learn. Always make the same mistakes, you always complain about the same things, you never learn, you never learn.

Do the wisest thing: REMEMBER WHAT YOU KNOW.

What have you ever learned in this world of ignorance? Knowledge is brought here, knowledge is not learned.

Everything attracts itself.

If you are Light, how much Light will you be !!! If you are darkness, you will not recognize yourself.

Choose what you are. Do not try to find out. You are in Everything and You are in Nothing. Choose.

What you concentrate on for more than three seconds becomes bigger. No matter what.

Choose what you want to expand and focus on that and that alone. Forget the rest.

This is Yoga. The highest level of Yoga is the Yoga of Love for All That Is (BHAKTY YOGA) the Yoga of Divine Love.

I AM KRISHNA the infinitely fascinating, who focuses on me becomes as fascinating as me.

I AM RAMA who thinks of Me becomes joyful as I dispenser of JOY which I Am: RAMA.

I AM BUDDHA who meditates on Me becomes calm as Me and serene and certain.

Hare krishna hare krishna

Krishna krishna hareh are

hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

AMBASCIATA PLEIADIANA - Ramo dei Ribelli all'Oscurità

Entrate nel Vostro Spazio Tempo Interiore.

Come si fa? Non si fa, si E’. Ci siete già. Consideratevi all’interno di Voi stessi.

Frequenze 999 in emissione, Qui ed Ora. Sentitele dentro di Voi, sottoforma di Energia Vitale gioiosa.

Sono già all’interno di Voi da Sempre. Sentitele.

La Ritrasmissione Quantica, rivela che la particella o il messaggio, si trova già a destinazione ancora prima di essere inviata.

Ogni preghiera è già stata esaudita, ogni richiesta è già stata soddisfatta, OGNI MIRACOLO VIENE COMPIUTO QUA, ADESSO.

Scegli l’esperienza che vuoi fare, senza limiti

Scegli l’esperienza della Vita: GRAZIE per la VITA.

Scegli la Salute: GRAZIE per la SALUTE.

Scegli la Ricchezza: GRAZIE per il BENESSERE ECONOMICO.

Grazie per la Compiutezza, Grazie per la Felicità. Grazie per la Perfezione. Grazie per il Gioco, Grazie per il Divertimento. Grazie per l’Entusiasmo, Grazie per la Gioia. Grazie per la Consapevolezza. Grazie per la Responsabilità. Grazie per il Controllo. Grazie per la Conoscenza. Grazie per la Libertà. Grazie di Tutto.


Cio’ per cui ringraziate, avrete sempre più, è una legge fisica.

Le particelle lo sanno.

Qualunque particella riconosci nel bene, essa diventerà più grande e si moltiplicherà.

Se avete un pesce solo, potete farne 5mila. Avete un centesimo? Potete farne un milione.