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Cover Photoshoot in Rome

Aggiornamento: 15 gen 2019

This is a small video that shows the realization of the cover of my last single "When I hate You" on which I worked in August and September. The cover is inspired by the images and the story of the video written and directed by Michele Pastrello, a true little masterpiece of magic and sweetness ... An arrow that will go straight to your heart .. But I'll talk about it soon in the next vlog. I love bringing to light what my mind imagines and then realizing it in the material world. the manifestation of one's thoughts makes my life every day more stimulating and allows one to train one's soul towards inner clarity. I hope to be able to carry out many projects that have been going on in my head for a while and I'm working on it. I was thinking of starting to take you with me into the woods during the magical work I do. But it will be a surprise !!

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